A new survey conducted by The Manifest revealed that Google Maps is overwhelmingly the highest-used navigation app for smartphone users.

The business news and how-to website surveyed more than 500 smartphone owners to understand how people are relying on technology more to get from point A to B. It found that over three-fourths (77%) of smartphone owners regularly use navigation apps, with Google Maps (67%) being the preferred navigation app for nearly 6x more people compared to the second-most popular app Waze (12%).

25-34-year-olds made up the largest percentage of participants in the survey at 28%. This generation has become one of the most important spending groups, therefore it’s important to reach them through these navigation apps.

Many surveyed believe that Google Maps offers better directions. Perception makes a huge difference when it comes to product use, and a majority of people are using this specific app for navigating because it’s perceived to be more effective than others. That is especially true when it comes to finding businesses such as foodservice establishments.

Customers are looking for bakeries using this app, so it’s important to make sure your independent retail bakery isn’t being overlooked. According to Small Business Trends, there are three easy steps to ensure that even without a website your bakery can be found on Google Maps by your customers:

  1. Claim your business by going to Google My Business and clicking “Get on Google” after which you will be taken to Google Maps to enter your business information.
  2. Add your business and additional info there.
  3. Verify your business listing.