On Thursday, August 6, Adobe Express released a comprehensive guide that covers everything small business owners and marketers need in order to implement QR and other touchless efficiencies right now during the coronavirus pandemic.

The guide includes offerings from several companies engaged in helping businesses navigate the new shopping/dining environment as well as examples of these new efficiencies in practice.

Additionally, with a free trial offer, customers can get new templates to easily create eye-catching in-store signage, mobile menus and social graphics to help eliminate unnecessary interactions between staff and customers and make communication efforts more efficient and contemporary along the way.

“Today’s health risks are forcing more extreme and immediate contact-free business protocols, especially for restaurants, coffee shops, retailers, and other service-industry businesses that, until now, were highly personally interactive,” the company says. “Fortunately, technology is keeping up. It’s never been easier to make your retail business contactless.”

The new QR templates can also be accessed here, with menu templates available here.