Ruby chocolate has joined dark, milk, and white as the 4th type of chocolate.
In September of 2017, Barry Callebaut revealed a groundbreaking new chocolate that joined dark, milk, and white chocolate in the pantheon of chocolate types. Ruby chocolate is the first new natural color for chocolate in more than 80 years, providing an intense sensory delight combined with berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

At the 2018 Sweet & Snacks Expo, which takes place May 22-24 in Chicago, the National Confectioners Association bestowed Barry Callebaut with a new award known as the Ruby Award for Supplier Innovation. It was created to honor cutting-edge developments from industry suppliers that advance confectionery manufacturing.

John Downs, President and CEO of the National Confectioners Associations, said that Ruby chocolate is “one of the biggest breakthrough inventions in the chocolate category in more than 150 years”. Barry Callebaut is able to unlock the flavor and color tone naturally present in the ruby cocoa bean through a unique processing without adding berries, berry flavor, or color.

“Barry Callebaut is honored by the creation of the Ruby Award for Supplier Innovation. Ruby chocolate presents an enormous opportunity for innovation in the confectionery industry. It is expected that ruby chocolate will be showcased in a variety of new applications in candy, snacking, and beyond,” says Peter Boone, President and CEO of Barry Callebaut Americas.