As foodservice operators across segments wrestle with increasing food costs and profit pressure, their participation in Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) continues to rise.

The 2015 GPO Assessment and Outlook Update report is available from Technomic Inc., with key insights from operators, distributors, manufacturers and GPOs.

Technomic's GPO Assessment and Outlook Update report, the third in a series, forecasts an estimated GPO growth rate of 4 - 6 percent each year through 2017. The industry is responding to these growth opportunities, with nearly 60 percent of suppliers identifying GPOs, once viewed as intermediaries, as strategic customers—a nearly 15 percent increase over 2012!

"The GPOs serving foodservice operators today include a diverse collection of organizations; diverse in size, practices, capabilities, membership, organizational history, background, management philosophy, segment focus, and strategic plans, among other things," observes Gary Karp, executive vice president of Technomic. "Throughout this report, Technomic distinguishes between the different types of GPOs and suggests a strategic framework for the future."

In addition to assessing GPO growth implications, the 2015 GPO Assessment and Outlook Update report also:

Identifies trends and explores the evolution of GPOs, with emphasis on compliance and strategic participation.

Delivers an outlook for the role of GPOs with actionable insights.

Outlines the history of GPOs in the foodservice industry.

The 2015 GPO Assessment and Outlook Update report is one of many topics in Technomic's Shared Interest Research + Insights™ series, offering the most current analysis, and opportunity assessments for growing your business. To learn more, please visit