There’s a new attraction in Orlando. And although the new YoFresh Yogurt Café isn’t as physically large as other attractions, the number of flavors, infinite topping combinations and healthy benefits are sure to put this shop on the map.

Franchisee Ayman Ismail says his Yofresh Yogurt Cafe that opened February 14 at 13651 Hunters Oak Drive, Orlando, has already become a ‘hot’ destination for cool, healthy snacks or meals at any time of day. “Delicious is an understatement,” he says, pointing to a generous display of healthy self-serve frozen yogurt and a list of  seemingly endless choice of flavors and toppings. “We constantly change the flavor offerings so customers have to come back regularly to try them all,” he smiles. 

What makes YoFresh Yogurt Café different? Ismail says repeat customers are a formula for success and there are many things that set YoFresh apart and keep bringing customers back for more: “We have all-natural frozen yogurts including low fat, fat-free and sugar-free. Our menu also offers organic smoothies and pastries.”

Customers dispense their own frozen yogurt, scooping as much as they like, then choose toppings including fruits, nuts, sprinkles, cereals, candies and sauces. Using YoFresh’s ‘Weigh & Pay’ formula, customers pay by the ounce. YoFresh calls it ‘lots'o toppings.’  

The YoFresh staff instructs customers on the art of designing their own creations.  Offerings may be different on each visit, ranging from red velvet to cheesecake, salted caramel, sweet coconut, mango sorbet, etc. Customers can request a free flavor tasting cup before ordering, “though it’s impossible to get something you won’t like,” smiles Ismail.

The popularity of yogurt has grown due to its healthful attributes and celebrities who endorse it as part of their regular diet. TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz regularly extols the virtues of yogurt which he calls his “#1 super snack.” On her website, Oprah Winfrey promotes yogurt as a favorite breakfast food that “energizes and revives,” calling it one of her favorite “brain foods.” Yogurt is rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12. Its active cultures may discourage infections and help fill you up.