Tuesday, April 17 is Tax Day here in America. It is an especially good day to run specials, considering many Americans will feel a sense of relief that they have finished and filed their taxes for the previous year and a large number of those people may also be expecting a considerable refund.

Tax Day specials can be seen as a reward to those hardworking people. It helps businesses to form a connection with customers by letting them know that we’re all in this together and we all deserve a treat after a paying our taxes.

For example, Great American Cookie offers a free Cookies & Cream Cookie per person to any customer who stops by a participating store on Tax Day. This annual giveaway has been going on for several years, and is a nice sweet surprise for guests.

“Tax Day can be a bit of a bummer so our annual cookie freebie is our way of 'sharing the fun of cookies' and helping everyone take a delicious bite out of Tax Day stress,” says David Kaiser, Executive Vice President of Great American Cookies.

Another bakery that does an annual Tax Day deal is Bruegger’s Bagels. For the week leading up to Tuesday, Bruegger's offers its famous Big Bagel Bundle at a special discount. A downloadable coupon from the company’s website gives the customer the Big Bagel Bundle of 13 bagels in any flavor plus two tubs of 100 percent made-in-Vermont cream cheese for $10.40 – a $3.50 deduction from the standard price.

“There's no getting away from the dreaded tax season, but our Tax Day deal always gives our guests a nice break and another reason to come in if they haven't visited us in a while,” says Bruegger's Bagels President Leigh Anne Snider.