Image courtesy of Insomnia Cookies
On Monday night, the Villanova University Wildcats take on the University of Michigan Wolverines for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament championship.

If the Philadelphia-area university is able to win the championship game, Insomnia Cookies will give Philadelphians free cookies. The cookie delivery bakery is based in Philadelphia and has a location just down the street from Villanova.

The Insomnia Cookies location in Bryn Mawr will give a free cookie to each store visitor on Tuesday if the Wildcats win Monday night. The deal would last until Wednesday, April 4 at 3 a.m. EST.

Insomnia Cookies founder Seth Berkowitz developed the idea for his company while attending the University of Pennsylvania in 2003. He realized that the only foods being delivered late at night were pizza and more savory items, which led him to start baking cookies in his dorm room and delivering them at all hours of the night.

**UPDATE** Villanova won the championship game 79-62, so the deal is happening today as planned.