During a trip to Brockton, Massachusetts’ White’s Bakery on Saturday with his family, three-year-old Hunter Jerrier’s iPad was stolen. The device is loaded with programs that help Hunter with his special communication needs due to Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, and it was swiped from a counter when the family left it there for a few minutes by accident.

“As a grown, 40-year-old man it made me cry. It was my fault because I put it down. I felt like I let him down because it's the only way he can communicate with us,” says Hunter’s father Brian.

The Jerrier family was devastated, but White’s Bakery has stepped up to help them out. The bakery offered to pay for a replacement, and followed through on that.

“There are still good people out there that, in a really crummy situation, made it easier for him, easier for us and did it so quickly,” says Hunter's mother Amanda.

Now, the family is hoping the thief steps forward to return the stolen iPad. Brockton police are examining surveillance video to find the suspect.