Image courtesy of Federal Donuts
Starting last week, Philadelphia’s Federal Donuts began offering a special St. Patrick’s Day-themed donut at its several locations throughout the city.

The Irish Potato donut consists of a cinnamon and cream cheese glaze topped with sugar, spice, and toasted coconut. They are based not on potatoes, but on the Irish Potato candies. These confections are filled with coconut cream and covered with brown sugar, resembling tiny potatoes.

Irish Potato candies are a Philadelphia tradition. The candies are believed to have been made by Irish immigrants to America over a century ago, but there is not documentation of that. Oh Ryan's, located in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, is one of the biggest suppliers of this candy and has been making it since 1989.

The special donut from Federal Donuts will be available at its stores throughout the month of March. Many Philadelphia residents and visitors will stop by Federal Donuts in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this Saturday, March 17.