Hurts Donut Cupids are delivering chocolate-covered strawberry donuts in cities all over the U.S.
Hurts Donut locations throughout the country are spreading love with a special delivery man. The donut chain has hired Cupid to bring its signature donuts to recipients.

Customers could schedule Cupid to deliver these treats a few days last week, as well as Monday through Wednesday of this week. There were only a select number of spots available, so the winged, diaper-wearing individuals were in high demand in several cities.

The Cupids show up to the desired location, and serenade each recipient with a song. They also dance, hug, play instruments, and throw rose petals. The deliveries come with a special pink Valentine’s Day box of donuts featuring such flavors as a chocolate-covered strawberry donut.

According to Delish, the official Hurts Donut Cupid works full-time at a hospital, but takes off around Valentine’s Day to work for Hurts Donut on the unique deliveries. Prices for the donut deliveries range from $20 to $25 depending on the city.

Cupid is not the only special delivery person for Hurts Donut throughout the year. On Halloween, the company had evil clowns bring donuts to customers, inspired by last year’s release of the horror movie IT.