Last year, burgeoning donut chain Hurts Donut was inspired by the box office hit movie IT to run a terrifying promotion that made it stand out from the crowd around Halloween.

The franchise’s locations in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona, Iowa, and Nebraska offered a service in which customers could order a dozen donuts and a scary clown would deliver them. The clown, based on the villain Pennywise from IT, has jagged teeth forming a sinister smile to provide a scary trick followed immediately by a nice treat.

Now, Hurts Donut has brought back the popular service for a second year. It announced the return on social media last week, also revealing that a fans can win a dozen donuts delivered for free by one of these clowns by liking, commenting on, or sharing the post.

Many customers order the service for friends, family, or work colleagues. The donut company has built excitement for the season and for its brand through these deliveries. Halloween isn’t the only special delivery time, though, as Hurts Donut also has a Cupid character that delivers donuts around Valentine’s Day.