Image courtesy of Smashed Waffles
Founded in 2016 as a waffle delivery service, Smashed Waffles quickly made headlines with its unique business model. Soon after, the company had opened its first café in Greenville, North Carolina and today the company announced its second location in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Smashed Waffles sets itself apart by turning the ordinary waffle into a gourmet experience. In recent years, we’ve seen the waffle become a popular, inexpensive snack item at bakeries and other shops. Smashed Waffles looks to take that one step further by helping change the perception of waffles.

The company wants to showcase the potential of waffles as the new bread. It uses a scratch made dough base (vs. a traditional batter) to prevent the waffles from getting soggy. They are smashed into heavy-duty cast iron waffle “smashers” to create crisp outer shells and soft, airy centers that complement sweet and savory flavors.

Opening cafés has allowed Smashed Waffles to expand its menu, with new additions such as savory waffle sandwiches called Smashedwiches as well as ice cream Smashedwiches. The cafés also serve premium roast coffees, nitro cold brewed coffee, and unique lattes. “We spent months researching to find the right beans to deliver a rich, yet smooth flavor that complements our waffles, and I think we accomplished that,” says co-founder Justin Cox.

Smashed Waffles is always open to trying new things, whether it be with its waffles or with its beverages. “Our mission is to serve insanely delicious products, so we experimented with different flavor combinations, such as lattés topped with candied bacon, pecans, and cookies,” says co-founder Hunter Harrison.