Image courtesy of Batch 13 Biscuits & Bowls
While donuts made with biscuit dough are nothing new, there’s always room for improvement with baked goods. That’s the idea behind Batch 13 Biscuits & Bowls, which prides itself on being the “Home of the Bonut.”

This biscuit/donut hybrid is a specialty at the fast-casual dining concept in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A take on the famous beignets from the state, Bonuts are served several ways at Batch 13. They come in glazed, cinnamon sugar, and powdered sugar flavors, and can also come with sweet fillings. Those include apple cinnamon, blueberry, and an option that features chocolate chipotle custard, chocolate drizzle, and diced applewood smoked bacon

The restaurant’s Bonut Sandwiches are another unique and affordable option. The Monte Cristo comes with ham, melted Gruyère cheese, and blueberry compote, all on a toasted Bonut with powdered sugar. The Croque-Madame consists of ham, béchamel, melted Gruyère cheese, and a sunny-side up egg, all on a toasted Bonut.

In addition to its signature Bonuts, Batch 13 also offers savory biscuit options and bowls that combine a variety of tasty ingredients into complete meals.