Barry Callebaut, a leading manufacturer in high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, has introduced a new chocolate that looks to join dark, milk, and white chocolate in the pantheon of chocolate types.

The company’s groundbreaking Ruby chocolate is the first new natural color for chocolate in more than 80 years since Nestle SA made white chocolate bars for the marketplace. Ruby chocolate is described as an intense sensory delight, combining berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

The chocolate has a pinkish hue, which along with its fruity flavor, comes from the Ruby cocoa bean. Barry Callebaut unlocks the flavor and color with a unique processing that doesn’t use berries, berry flavor, or added colors.

Through extensive development over the course of ten years, Barry Callebaut’s research department was able to bring this new chocolate type to the public. It was introduced in Shanghai, China on Tuesday, September 5.

“Barry Callebaut has established itself as a pioneer and innovator in chocolate and cocoa, globally. Consumer research in very different markets confirms that Ruby chocolate not only satisfies a new consumer need found among millennials - Hedonistic Indulgence - but also high purchase intent at different price points. We’re looking forward to working with our partners on introducing this innovative breakthrough to the market and making the new Ruby chocolate category available to chocolate manufacturers and consumers around the world as the fourth reference next to Dark, Milk, and White chocolate,” says Peter Boone, Barry Callebaut’s Chief Innovation & Quality Officer.