Lola Dessert Shoppe in Dunmore, Pennsylvania is using its baking skills to raise money for the victims of the flooding in Houston, Texas due to Hurricane Harvey.

The bakery has created special red, white, and blue macarons, with all proceeds going to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. The macarons are those colors to show that Americans need to stick together.

“I have family in Texas right now. Luckily, they weren’t affected as bad as some people, but just watching the news, I wanted to do something,” says Lola Dessert Shoppe owner Kallista Pluciennik.

The response to the special macarons has been overwhelming. The small bakery staff put in several long work days to meet the demand for them, and sold so many that it needed to close on Thursday, August 31 in order to create more for the following day. The staff hopes to continue creating these special macarons in the days (and weeks, if demand continues) ahead.

“I have one employee, so we bake everything here. It’s hard to do a lot, but if we can at least do this then we feel like we’re doing something,” Pluciennik says.