Image courtesy of the Maine Grain Alliance
On July 27-28, 2017, farmers, millers, bakers, maltsters, researchers, and grain enthusiasts from around the world will gather in Skowhegan, Maine for a conference on preserving and promoting grain traditions.

The two-day flagship event of the Maine Grain Alliance, the Kneading Conference will feature hands-on workshops, live demonstrations, lectures, panel discussions, and much more.

Keynote speakers at the Kneading Conference will be Francis Percival and Stephanie Swane. Francis Percival writes on food and wine for The World of Fine Wine, and his book Reinventing the Wheel, which covers the history, science, and future of cheese and dairy farming, is due out in September. He will speak on food clusters and his experiences across different industries and what they can learn from each other. Stephanie Swane is the publisher and editorial director of Modernist Cuisine’s in -house publishing department The Cooking Lab. She will discuss bread myths, technique hacks, equipment advice, and other interesting findings the Modernist Cuisine team has uncovered while writing their new book Modernist Bread.

Workshops will also be a prominent part of the conference. Among those will be a Wood-Fired Production Bakery Workshop, a Pastry Production Bakery Workshop, a Home Bakers Workshop, and a Portable Brick Oven Workshop.

The Kneading Conference has been held annually since 2007, and grown significantly each year. Attendees can register for the conference at its website.