The global kitchen of HostMilano rolls out hundreds of events for each edition. Unsurprisingly, the 2017 event is experiencing steady growth. The upcoming edition, which is scheduled at fieramilano from Oct. 20-24, will host 1,437 companies (from 48 countries) in attendance. They will be greeted by more than 1,500 hosted buyers who, thanks to closer collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, will include new names and an ever-growing type of companies. 
The International Hospitality Exhibition is not simply a showcase of machinery and some of the most innovative solutions. It’s also a place where training and learning opportunities abound. It is an opportunity to explore a multi-sensory experience, thanks to the demonstrations and events held by today’s top chefs, as well as the extraordinary creations crafted by pastry chefs and cake designers and performances by the most talented baristas and bartenders. All of this amidst the subtle and seductive aroma of coffee drifting from hall to hall and the fragrance of freshly baked pizza and bread.
These events enrich the offers of all the various branches taking part at HostMilano, from catering and the art of baking to the bar, furnishing and tableware sectors and ice-cream and pastry industries. 
In addition, the events taking place will focus on today’s hot topics: training and apprenticeships, competition between top professionals on an international level, process and layout sustainability and format innovation.
Top cake decorators and pastry chefs
The world’s top pastry chefs will showcase their delicious creations at HostMilano 2017, while aiming to win the finals of the Cake Designers World Championship and The World Trophy of Pastry, Ice-Cream and Chocolate. The events have been organized by the International Federation of Pastry, Ice-Cream and Chocolate.
This year’s theme is “Discovering the World of Chocolate and Coffee.” There will be 20 national pastry teams, competing in Chocolate and Praline Sculpture, Sugar and Contemporary Cake Sculpture, Sugar Paste Sculpture and Ice-Cream Single Serving.
The following countries in contention include the United States, France, Australia, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Albania, Bulgaria, Thailand, Greece, China, Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania, Mexico, Morocco, Columbia, Tunisia and Egypt.
For the cake design, 20 individual contestants will present two creations: a display cake and a cake to be made there and then to be judged on flavor. Masters in the art of cake-making will go head-to-head for the title of “chisel artist.”
Competing countries are the United States, Japan, Slovakia, Italy, Trinidad & Tobago, France, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Peru, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico, Macao, Serbia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Greece, Arab Emirates, China and the United Kingdom.

Future of hospitality 

HostMilano will present its vision for the future of the hospitality sector within the halls of the Arredo e Tavola. Exihs Excellent Italian Hospitality Services, the space-concept project designed by Davide Rampello, theatre director and former president of the Triennale Foundation and director of Pavillion Zero at Expo 2015 and Dante O will be returning to HostMilano for the third time. 
This year, Benini & Partners Architects will breathe life into a design/artistic performance that will highlight an important topic: “L’Italia fatta a mano” (Handmade Italy). An evocative use of surfaces and materials will see us travel through the evolution of mankind and its natural inclination towards hospitality. An entire wall of the installation will play host to basic agricultural and Italian cookery products: from cheese and cured meats to wines and a composition realized using 2,000 eggs.
Product innovation also lies at the heart of SmartLabel, the accolade dedicated to innovation within the professional hospitality sector promoted by Host-Fiera Milano, in collaboration with, a consortium of the Milan Polytechnic, which will focus on the “Internet of Things.” Accolades will be awarded for two categories: SMART Label for products with distinguishing innovative content in terms of functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, social and ethical implications and Innovation SMART Label for products that break away from and surpass consolidated sector trends.
The new age of catering
Main events that will enliven the halls dedicated to catering shift between an energetic present with high levels of creativity and media hype and a future composing young talent fresh out of training school.
Through the Apprenticeship Objective, the Professional Italian Cooks’ Association will see the most talented young chefs fresh out of training school attend the fair. They will be selected following a long process, which will also be making an appearance at Bit in April, and a captivating final challenge, with the hope of being awarded apprenticeships in some of the most prestigious kitchens both in Italy and abroad. A full-on casting event that will see these newly-qualified chefs working before a panel of professionals, who will then select the most convincing individuals to be trained at their company.
The Identità Future space, organized in collaboration with Identità Golose, will once again see chefs engage with the most recent technological innovations designed for the kitchen ambient in captivating show-cooking events, where the latest frontiers of haute cuisine will be showcased. 
The Charming Italian Chef association will be advocates of sustainable cooking with the utmost respect for our health and environment for the first time at HostMilano with the ChicRespect brand. All the various production phases within the green approach to the premium catering sector will be analyzed.
The Pane Pizza Pasta area will see the return of the European Pizza Championships, organized by the Pizza e Pasta Italiana magazine and will involve more than 60 pizza makers hailing from all over Europe. There will also be insights into Neapolitan pizza and the health implications of the world’s most celebrated Italian dish. 
The world in a cup
At the black and aromatic beating heart of HostMilano lies Sic, the International Coffee Trade Show, which will be offering a series of events to better understand the many different facets of this evolving sector. 
Wce World Coffee Events with Specialty Coffee Association will be in attendance once again with their global coffee samples and demonstrations before the public, preparing espressos and drip-brewed coffee as well as interesting coffee and alcohol-based concoctions. There will also be an educational and sensory self-guided route available.
Hub Coffee Science, an emanation of the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, will instead represent a centre for scientific research, where the visitors will be able to interact with the researchers and use the lab instruments to explore the secrets of coffee from an unusual perspective. 
The events schedule organized by Mixer with Planet One will include both training opportunities and entertainment, from masterclasses dedicated to mixability and the food show to managerial activities and professional green labs on food & beverage. Word-renowned special guests will also be in attendance.
Updates are available at,@HostMilanoon Twitter, and@Host2017on Instagram.