Ever since the cronut was invented, pastry chefs have been looking for ways to successfully merge the buttery taste of croissants with other foods.

The latest attempt at a food hybrid that will surely be an Instagram sensation is the croffle. This new take comes from pastry chef Louise Lennox. It combines croissants and waffles by placing rich buttery croissant pastries into a waffle iron.

The innovative snack can be covered in a variety of toppings, such as Nutella, avocado, meats, fruits, and much more.

“Food is always on trend, with social media it's so shareable now. You want to make something that's remarkable and the croffle is genuinely remarkable because it's one of those pieces of food that you'd genuinely queue in line for and eat,” Lennox tells Irish Independent.

“The idea behind it is how can you get a croissant and make it even more delicious? By putting it in a waffle iron, you have this high impact of heat blasting into it. You've already got this buttery pastry and it makes it super crisp. Then you stuff it with some gorgeous flavours like avocado and sun-blushed tomatoes. Then you can put a little bit of flavoring on top of it, different ingredients and it basically was the birth child that turned into food heaven. It gives a croissant a whole new lease of life,” she says.