Image courtesy of Milk Bar
Bakery chain Milk Bar has debuted a new thick frozen treat reminiscent of Dairy Queen’s Blizzard or McDonald's McFlurry.

The summer-appropriate sweet combines the bakery’s famous tastes with a self-styled soft serve ice cream. The three initial flavors will feature owner Christina Tosi’s cereal milk-flavored ice cream and will be combined with Milk Bar’s corn cookies and strawberries,  birthday cake truffles and rainbow sprinkles, or a slice of crack pie whipped into the mix.

The new $9 MilkQuakes will be available at all Milk Bar locations, including New York City, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and Toronto.

Milk Bar will stick to the three flavors to start out with, but is open to future suggestions. “We currently do not allow customizations/substitutions,” Milk Bar says, “but we encourage everyone to share fantasy MilkQuake flavors for our team to experiment with in the Milk Bar test kitchen!”

The new MilkQuakes are not the only item Milk Bar has recently introduced. Two months ago, the bakery partnered with D.C.-based pizza chain &pizza for a cereal milk cream soda cookie.