Milk Bar has revealed its seasonal summer offerings, available at bakeries nationwide, online and in grocery stores.

The Strawberry Corn Cake is available online and at bakeries until September 18. The bakery slathers buttery, sweet corn cake with layers of strawberry jam and crunchy bits of corn crumb. The flavored-filled layers are then topped off with a coating of strawberry speckled buttermilk frosting and more corn crumbs. The cake is also available in bite-sized truffle form.

The Toasted Marshmallow Sundae is available at bakeries only until September 18. It starts with a base of classic, lightly vanilla marshmallow flavor that is caramelized for a richer, more deeply summer vibe. It’s topped with a thick drizzle of marshmallow goo and a ring of tiny toasted marshmallows for campfire crunch.

Milk Bar is also offering savory breads that are available during the month of July at its New York City and Los Angeles flagship bakeries only). The bakery is bringing back these cult favorite stuffed bread bombs for a limited time. They include:

  • Bagel Bomb – Everything bagel wrapped around a smoky bacon-scallion cream cheese core
  • Spinach Artichoke Bomb – Pumpernickel bread wrapped around a core of spinach and artichoke studded, parmesan cream cheese
  • Italian Hoagie Bomb – Stacks of ham, capicola, salami and provolone topped with giardiniera and encased with hoagie bread
  • Egg & Cheddar Bomb – Cheddar cheese topped dough hugged around an egg, cheddar and sriracha-cream cheese middle

New in grocery stores are Strawberry Pie Ice Cream pints, packed with strawberry-flavored ice cream with pie crust and strawberry swirls. They are available starting this month for a limited time on GoPuff and at local grocery stores across the country.