Small-footprint, multi-use ovens for baking and cooking are gaining popularity among retailers for many reasons. Bakers are tasked with preparing more products in less time and, in some cases, bakeries are bringing ovens out on to the sales floor to showcase on-site baking and add theater. Oven manufacturers offer a wide range of options for retail bakeries and cafes to accomplish desired goals.    
The MIWE roll-in e+ 3.0 is a leading rack oven that saves you even more energy and offers the latest in cutting edge features. With unique atmospheric baking, it frees you from the restraints of climatic conditions. The ergonomically brilliant design allows for overall efficiency and the ability to bake to perfect doneness. Further, the MIWE backcombi provides room for your ambitions by combining the active heat of the convection baking oven MIWE aero or MIWE econo with the gentle baking atmosphere of the deck baking oven MIWE condo — thus combining two oven systems in minimum space.
From Revent, the new ONE series Round Single Rack Oven and Round Shop Oven feature a round design and modern insulation with a smaller footprint. As floor space is a cost for any bakery, a smaller footprint makes room for higher profitability. Also, the rounded sliding door creates a great working area as it naturally slides into the oven when opened.
The National Restaurant Association recently unveiled recipients of the 2017 Kitchen Innovations Awards, honoring forward-thinking equipment and technologies that increase efficiencies and productivity for back-of-the-house operations and benefit restaurant operators. Each recipient will be showcased in the interactive Kitchen Innovations Pavilion at the 2017 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show from May 20-23 in Chicago at McCormick Place.
The following five ovens were presented with 2017 Kitchen Innovations Awards:
Rational USA
SelfCookingCenter XS Model 6 2/3
With the XS Model 6 2/3, RATIONAL manages to get all of the advanced features of its full-size SelfCookingCenter combis into a package that’s roughly 60 percent smaller.  At only 21¾ inches deep, 25¾ inches wide and 22 ¼ inches high, this is the only combi this compact that even offers its own steam generator. 
Want the versatility of a combi’s convection-steam-combi modes, but want it straightforward and up front on the cookline? The TruVapor delivers with a low profile that fits into the line and serves as a base for a rangetop or griddle. A steam generator provides plenty of power.  
The ventless Double Batch oven uses two independently-controlled high-speed cooking cavities to maximize throughput while requiring minimal space and energy consumption. The cavities are controlled by a split-screen, Wi-Fi connected capacitive touch controller, which allows the user to intuitively and quickly control either cavity simultaneously. Air impingement technology and an oscillating rack make for rapid, even cooking. 
VC5G Gas Convection Oven
Nobody likes dirty, hard-to-clean oven door windows. Enter Vulcan’s new VC5G Gas Convection Oven with fully removable, dishwasher-safe doors. Just lift them off—at 20 pounds, they’re easy to handle—and put them in the dishwasher or a 3-compartment sink. Another big plus, it offers one of the best convection oven cooking efficiency scores ever in ENERGY STAR testing.
Alto-Shaam by Appliance Innovation
Vector Multi-Cook Oven 
For the ultimate in full-menu flexibility, the ventless Vector Multi-Cook oven offers up to four independently controlled cook chambers. Each chamber gets its own 10-speed fan and multi-stage programming for unparalleled precision.
Alto-Shaam recently unveiled the Vector Series Multi-Cook Oven, which offers up to four ovens in one. Control temperature, fan speed and time in each individual oven chamber, featuring exclusive Structured Air Technology for unmatched evenness in cooking. 
“Alto-Shaam is always looking for opportunities to provide innovative products that meet our customers’ needs,” says Steve Maahs, Alto-Shaam president and chief operating officer. “We’re excited to introduce this innovative oven to the market. We truly believe this oven is going to be a game-changer in the industry.”