Few segments of the baking industry have witnessed such important advances as the oven sector.

For instance, the newest MIWE roll-in offers superior baking performance, great flexibility, and uniformity, as well as its particularly low energy consumption. Its countless special functions developed by MIWE, such as “atmospheric baking,” which guarantees an even baking result at all times regardless of the weather.

Over the past few years, however, the demands placed on rack oven systems have noticeably increased. Important keywords are wider range of products, including more breads, hotter temperatures, shorter baking times (especially in combination with vacuum conditioning), shorter recovery times, all-natural, long-process proofing goods that are therefore more delicate and generally more prone to flaws.

“Feedback from bakers is enormously important to us at MIWE,” explains Ralf Stark, MIWE sales manager for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. “All innovations on the MIWE roll-in were developed in continuous exchange with users and master bakers and have already proven themselves in extensive tests. Because that’s the only way we can make sure we meet the high standards that our customers quite rightly demand of our products.”

Intuitive touchscreen

Belshaw Adamatic's Oven-2020 gives bakeries the newest option in rack ovens. Energy and performance data from FSTC and UL® show that Oven-2020 is a fast heating and energy efficient double rack oven.

Oven-2020's fast heat delivery will shorten your production schedule, with less time spent waiting for your oven to heat up. Bakers can use the image-based touchscreen to select the correct bake program, and the oven does the rest.

The technology inside the Oven-2020 includes the following:

  • Gas supply modulation - rather than turning the supply on and off. Gives stable temperature with minimum fluctuation.
  • No heat exchanger - All of the heated air is sent into the baking chamber. Heats up and recovers faster than other ovens.
  • Swirl burner system - Sends heat directly to the oven chamber - not through the insulating walls. 66% baking efficiency.
  • Intuitive touchscreen - (Patent pending) Just tap the product image. 100 recipes available or use the manual baking option. Supplied with every oven.


ITW Food Equipment Group has announced the launch of the Hobart SmartConnect™ app, the first in ITW Food Equipment Group’s SmartConnect365™ suite of apps designed to connect end-users to various WiFi-enabled commercial kitchen equipment across ITW Food Equipment Group brands such as Hobart, Baxter, Traulsen, Vulcan, Foster, Bonnet and more.

SmartConnect is the smart way to stay connected to the kitchen. Simply download the SmartConnect app and connect to any WiFi-enabled ITW Food Equipment Group devices using your existing WiFi network. The app gives power to the user to monitor kitchen equipment remotely, providing real-time access and analysis to machine data right from the palm of your hand.  Users will be able to gain important insight into how equipment is being used, monitor sanitization status and water and energy consumption, and reduce downtime with equipment status and email alerts notifying users about machine errors.

With the SmartConnect365 suite of apps, users will be able to connect to WiFi-enabled products from multiple ITW Food Equipment Group brands. Following the launch of the Hobart SmartConnect app, additional apps will be made available for other ITW Food Equipment Group brands. From any of the branded SmartConnect apps, users will be able to connect any WiFi-enabled ITW Food Equipment Group product without having to download a new app each time.

“Our customers are becoming more digitally savvy every day. Having real time access to equipment usage information and alerts helps them maximize productivity of uptime and minimize the impact of downtime,” said ITW Food Equipment Group director of marketing Todd Blair.  “The new SmartConnect365 suite of apps also helps promote food safety and sustainability by monitoring temperatures and energy consumption across refrigeration, cooking and sanitization processes.”

Air flow

The 2021 model year MIWE roll-in features important innovations and further improvements. This is why MIWE is presenting some important innovations and further improvements with its 2021 model year MIWE roll-in e+.

This includes the MIWE Heat Flow, developed in continuous exchange with users and master bakers – it is a combination of an optimized heat storage wall and a vertically positioned air grill which has been newly developed from scratch, and newly arranged “trumpet nozzles” which, with their optimized flow geometry, ensure stable, uniform baking results for a wide variety of baked goods – all combined with extremely economical energy use.

The steam device 2 has also been further developed and, thanks to a comprehensive optimization of the steam water inlets, a new type of water routing and an intelligent cascade design, it now ensures that the steam reaches the entire baking chamber significantly faster and yet more evenly.

The patented MIWE air control has also been further improved, and multilayer insulating mats provide completely new insulation and a permanently improved insulating effect. The further development of the MIWE roll-in is not only a response to the noticeably increased requirements of today’s bakers - it has also been developed in close cooperation with those who work with rack ovens on a daily basis.

Digital control option

In 2021, Baxter introduced its Smart Touch Digital Control as a new option for its high-quality ovens. This new digital control option will maximize oven efficiency and performance for singular consistency for a wide variety of foods. It will first be released on the Rotating Double Rack Gas Oven (Model OV520G2).

The hallmark of all Baxter Rotating Ovens is the unique airflow systems that ensure elimination of cold and hot pockets. The easy-to-use Smart Touch brings out the best in baking and cooking efficiency for ovens to boost operational productivity and profitability with energy usage monitoring and recipe management. It also increases utility savings and further decreases greenhouse gas emissions making Smart Touch an environmentally friendly option as well.

“Control in the kitchen is always important, but it becomes critical when you are baking,” said Baxter business unit manager Jeff Austin. “The intuitive control provided by Smart Touch simplifies the operation with several modes to choose from for minimal training while offering customizable security settings and a multilingual display. It helps the oven provide a consistently good product while lowering the overall cost of ownership.”

Recipe management is another important feature of this new option. A touchscreen menu simplifies recipe selection by searching by image or name while the USB connection allows for quick recipe upload and download for easier management and consistent results across multiple locations. The recipe count cycle collects and stores recipe usage data to help users maintain a log of baked and cooked products. To keep downtime to a minimum, the Smart Touch also has an error code display for easier diagnosis and quicker repair time for faster equipment issue resolution.

American Test Bakery

Training and education remain critically important in the advancement of baking technology.

Revent Inc. and Kornfeil Baking Technology have created a state-of-the-art American Test Bakery at the Revent manufacturing facilities located in Somerset, New Jersey. The ATB consists of a 3,300 square-foot bakery, two training rooms, and a café and meeting area.

At the ATB, bakeries as well as the bakery supply chains, schools and organizations within the industry can take part in:

Product testing

Compare oven types. Find out what oven type that works best for your products and your product mix. Maybe it’s a mix of ovens?
Find out what capacity you need. Test different configurations of ovens and proofers to find out what the most efficient set up is for your bakery. Test new ingredients and processes.


Bring in your bakers, bakery managers and others for training on equipment and products. Maybe you need to provide training on new products or processes? Let our bakers help you do the training in a relaxed environment where you can focus on learning without the distraction of your production.

Baking classes

Attend baking classes arranged by Revent’s bakers, guest bakers, ingredient manufacturers or other Industry organizations.
You can also work with Revent’s bakers to set up customized baking classes for your employees.


The ATB is a fully equipped bakery with different types of rack ovens, deck ovens, proofers and proofer/retarders. There is also all the equipment needed for mixing and shaping the dough such as spiral mixers, sheeter, divider/rounder, dough divider and a baguette molder.
Revent provides the groundbreaking ONE series round ovens, the “Industry standard” 7-series rack ovens, proofers, freezer/proofers and vacuum cooling.

Kornfeil provides a thermal oil oven system with a deck oven, roll in rack oven and the boiler. They also provide a Cyclothermic deck oven, an automatic loader for the deck ovens and an Energy recovery system.

Versatility plus

The Baxter VersaOven, an innovation in cooking equipment, combines the best features of steamer, rotisserie, convection and combi ovens into one space-saving design, resulting in past recognition by the National Restaurant Association Show with a Kitchen Innovation Award.

The VersaOven is a self-cleaning, programmable gas rack oven that offers convection and non-boiler steam to serve as a steamer, rotisserie, convection oven, and combi oven all in one.

Built to offer the cooking advantages of rotisseries, rack ovens and combi ovens in one convenient and consolidated package, the VersaOven features a rotating interior oven rack for even cooking results, and a 95,000 BTU/Hr in-shot burner system. The VersaOven is also built with a patented, self-contained steam system that generates more steam than a standard mini-rack oven. Designed to handle the daily cooking demands of the busiest delis, grocery stores and retail kitchens, the VersaOven has the capacity to fit 40 three-pound chickens, 10 standard 18”x26” sheet pans, or five 12”x20”x2.5” steam pans.

While versatility and the latest technology are built in, designers made ease-of-use a priority. The VersaOven allows users to intuitively input recipes using programmable touch-screen controls in less time and with less frustration than many combi ovens that cooks can find too complex to operate. Bulk uploading of recipes is possible as well through an easily accessed USB port. The VersaOven also features a large window with two panes for easy viewing, and a patent-pending design that includes a fixed, interior pane for additional door rigidity, plus an exterior window that opens easily for cleaning between the panes.