Versatility is the name of the game, as far as the future of bakery ovens is concerned, according to numerous experts.

For instance, the new generation of the proven MIWE aero e+ brings together first-class baked goods and high-quality design in an impressive manner. The in-shop baking oven becomes an eye-catcher, impresses with its optimized ergonomics and already hints at high baking quality thanks to its exterior. 

A stylish LED light bar that extends across the entire width of the baking station provides the current status, visible from afar yet elegantly packed. The gently pulsing light indicates when the baking program ends in an eye-catching way. The new LED illumination of the baking chamber puts your products brilliantly in the limelight and directs one's gaze to what is important: baked goods for sale. The glossy impression of the baking station is underlined by a completely glazed front surface in noble black.

The MIWE aero e+ is equipped with a high-performance cascade steam device that gets the job done. Thanks to this feature, optimal shine and bloom are guaranteed even with small frozen products, where steam is critical. At its most convenient with MIWE TC touch control and our modern MIWE go! interface With the two-circuit version, the centralized master control makes operating both baking chambers easier (MIWE TC-U).

The two baking chambers can be conveniently operated with only one control system, ensuring you always stay on top of things.

Only one baking program list needs to be created and managed. In the case of baking chambers of different sizes, the software takes over the adaptation of the baking programs for you. 

Software updates and changes to the settings only need to be done once for each baking station.

The MIWE TC-U is based on the same intuitive operating logic as the MIWE TC, so the changeover to the central master control system is extremely simple.

A single interface is all you need to create a network for the baking station.

The MIWE frozen dough piece baking feature combines thawing and baking of cooked frozen dough pieces in one process. This helps reduce effort and control the quality of first-class baked goods.

The cleaning system

A standard feature, the MIWE easy clean semi-automatic cleaning function is perfect for those looking for perfect hygiene with even more convenience.

The advantages of the MIWE cleaning control include the following features: automated cleaning system (requires no staff, runs automatically), powerful with two cleaning stages depending on the degree of dirtiness, safe by means of MIWE cleaner (a biodegradable cleaning agent, and contactless tank filling), energy efficient can be combined with MIWE auto-start, and automatic refill indicator (one detergent filling is sufficient for about 20 - 30 cycles).

The performed cleanings are logged by the control unit, so you have a record. 

Wood-fired deck oven

WP Bakery Group USA responds to the old values of traditions and genuine craftsmanship with the fully automated and wood-fired deck baking oven WP PELLADOR. With the ultra-modern equipment, baked goods made according to old recipes with typical wood-fired character arrive on the consumer's table.

Rustic crust, strongly baked, tasty and with typical aroma - the unique character of artisan baked wood-fired bread enjoys great popularity among consumers. Tradition and old values come to life again with the idea of baking over an open flame, with blazing wood in stone ovens. What used to be quite normal is now something very special. The principle of the ancient technique is clear: wood-fired bread is made in directly fired ovens, made of stone or stone-like material. Only real wood fire, directly in the baking chamber, ensures the right temperature and baking results with the typical characteristics of original wood-fired baked goods.

WP Bakery Group USA has developed the principle of traditional wood-fired bread baking into a state-of-the-art system with the WP PELLADOR deck oven. Old values and innovative technology are brought into perfect harmony in this innovative system and at the same time it sets standards in terms of energy and resource conservation, climate neutrality and sustainability.

WP PELLADOR uses wood, a renewable energy source, meets the demand for climate neutrality with CO2-neutral firing, and rational processes in the bakeries pay off in terms of efficiency and economy. The consumer benefits from tasty, naturally aromatic baked goods produced in a resource-saving, environmentally friendly manner.

WP PELLADOR meets all the requirements for intelligent processing, gentle production, effective manufacturing, and energy-optimized processes while ensuring the highest baked goods quality.

As in a historic wood-fired oven, an open flame, which gives the baked goods the typical wood-fired oven aroma, burns directly in the baking chamber. The WP PELLADOR wood baking production deck ovens are fired by modern, energy-saving industrial burners, each deck being equipped with two PLC-controlled pellet burners. The combustion of the pellets is largely residue-free; any combustion residues, the ash, are removed by means of a special vacuum cleaner before each charging process.

Baking is performed classically with falling temperature, and all processes are controlled fully automatically. The system recognizes the status of each product in the baking process, including the baking time. The individual recipe or product management and the oven and loader control are carried out via the integrated SIEMENS S7 master plant control system. The operator therefore only needs to monitor the plant. It saves valuable time, increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and the taste experience when eating the excellent baked goods speaks for itself.

The oven configuration with several tiered decks results in a considerable overall height of the plant, so that manual loading and unloading is not possible, or only with difficulty. This is where the fully automatic WP loading system OBER PRO II comes into play. At the end of the baking time, the system returns to the corresponding deck for baking, unloads the baking chamber and transports the finished baked products to the downstream cooling system.

2023 Kitchen Innovations

The National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show® has announced the 20 recipients of the 2023 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Awards. Each year, the KI Awards program recognizes the year’s most forward-thinking and cutting-edge kitchen equipment and product innovations that meaningfully improve foodservice operations. The National Restaurant Association Show brings together more restaurant and hospitality buyers and equipment manufacturers than any other industry event, set for May 20-23, 2023, at McCormick Place in Chicago.

The KI Awards program has earned a reputation for defining the gold standard of foodservice equipment innovations. This year’s recipients reflect the trends and topics most important to foodservice operators today, while generating industry growth through a focus on automation, efficiency, safety improvements, sustainability, and more.

The 2023 Kitchen Innovations Award recipients include the following ovens:

ConvoSense – Convotherm

ConvoSense is the world’s first AI-powered, fully automated combi oven cooking and baking system. ConvoSense sees what the operator is loading and instantly launches the perfect cooking program to produce it. Adept at mixed loads, food can be loaded all at once or one tray at a time. ConvoSense recognizes the food as it is loaded and launches the correct cooking program for each tray while simultaneously managing the entire cooking cavity for consistent, exceptional results.

PLEXOR M2 – TurboChef Technologies, LLC

TurboChef’s PLEXOR M2 is the first oven to feature separate impingement and rapid-cook cavities - or two rapid-cook cavities. Like its A3 predecessor, the M2 is modular and can be pre-specified or field swappable to any desired configuration. With just a 26.8” footprint and two full-sized cooking cavities, the M2 offers the ultimate ventless space efficiency, product range and throughput.


In the ongoing trend to optimize versatility and food quality in ever-shrinking footprints, now there's a combi oven that can do what speed ovens do, and a speed oven with auto-wash capability all in the same unit. As a combi, SPEED-X™ is 20% faster than a traditional combi oven. As a speed oven combining steam, air and microwaves, it can cook food in seconds, including from raw.