Donutology in Kansas City, Missouri uses science in its signature products, so it only makes sense that it would look to take that science far outside the confines of its shop.

In late 2016, the bakery sent a sprinkled donut into space using a helium weather balloon. The donut was protected with a thick layer of silicon to make it space-proof. Then, it was launched from Marceline, Missouri, which is the childhood home of Walt Disney. The sendoff location was chosen because of the dreams that Walt Disney inspired in many.

According to the Kansas City Star, the donut was able to reach an astounding height of over 18 miles before coming back down and landing in rural Illinois. The journey was captured on a GoPro camera fixed to a plexiglass wing, the product of an idea courtesy of marketing agency Sandbox.

Earlier in May of 2017, Donutology introduced a display at its Kansas City location showcasing the donut under glass along with the deflated weather balloon and a map of the flight path. Visitors can also see a video of the launch showing the Space Donut’s flight.

The innovative concept goes along with Donutology’s mission to explore donut potential. The bakery is known for its donut “laboratory” where customers build their own donuts by mixing and matching flavors.