Image courtesy of Dottie's Donuts
On Sunday, January 21, the Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC Championship to advance to the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. In preparation for the potential NFC Championship win, the city of Philadelphia greased many of its light poles to prevent rowdy fans from climbing them.

The Crisco-covered posts became an Internet sensation, and that has inspired a Philadelphia donut shop’s latest offering. Dottie’s Donuts has introduced the Eagles Fan on Greased Pole.

The long, thin chocolate donut represents the pole, with vanilla glaze symbolizing Crisco, and green matcha glaze at the top symbolizing an Eagles fan. The donut also comes in deluxe versions with raspberry vanilla, cookie butter, and matcha pistachio, as well as filled versions with peanut butter vanilla butter cream, cookies, and custard.

Dottie’s Donuts has banned all New England-themed donuts until after the Super Bowl. The Boston cream donuts will be replaced with cookies and cream donuts for the next few weeks.