Image courtesy of Prague Kolache Festival
The historicPrague Bakery
in Prague, Oklahoma specializes in kolaches, the Czech pastry filled with fruit or meat. Its town’s name comes from it being a settlement for Czech immigrants in the early 1900s, before Oklahoma even gained statehood.

Every year, the town celebrates its Czech heritage with the Prague Kolache Festival. In its 58th year, the festival will be recognizing the former Czech settlement’s 115th birthday.

To help with the celebration, Prague Bakery will bake roughly 2,000 kolaches along with the churches of the area. In addition to the traditional Czech treat, the festival will also feature dance, song, food, crafts, a parade, carnival rides and royalty, all in honor of its heritage.

According to Prague Bakery’s current owners, the bakery has been in business since as long as people can remember. The Dawson family has owned it for 20 years, buying from the previous owner who had overseen the operation for 30 years. But the bakery’s history stretches back well into the town’s early years.

There are several kolache festivals nationwide, celebrated in Czech settlements as far north as Minnesota and as far south as Texas. Prague, Oklahoma is especially proud of its history, and it derives a great deal of importance from its pastries.

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, the Prague Kolache Festival will host thousands of individuals from the state of Oklahoma and its surrounding regions. Prague Bakery will be in attendance, happily sharing its famous baked goods with festival-goers.