For fans of The Office, a bakery in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma will have a familiar name. Cafe Disco is named after an episode from the popular sitcom’s fifth season.

The bakery, which specializes in gourmet French macarons and specialty coffee, recently received national attention after it was mentioned in an episode of the podcast series Office Ladies just one week ago. Two of the show’s stars, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, break down an episode of The Office each week and give exclusive behind-the-scene stories.

During their breakdown of “Cafe Disco,” Angela Kinsey made this mention: “There is a bakery in Oklahoma names Cafe Disco because they loved this episode so much.”

Following that episode, Cafe Disco began to hear from fans of The Office.

“We had people immediately coming in here locally and they were even like ‘I heard you on the podcast and I wanted to check you out,’” owner Amanda Sakurai told Oklahoma City’s News 9. “We were getting shipping orders right after the podcast was released.”

“I think people really get excited about macarons, but I think people get especially excited when they hear it’s an Office reference,” she added.