Exact Mixing, part of Reading Bakery Systems, has introduced a Hydrobond Technology designed to result in shorter mixing time and less required energy. The Hydrobond Technology delivers instant, even hydration of a dry ingredient stream (typically flour) before it enters the continuous mixer. No heat is added to the dough.

The new technology mixes dough on a particle-to-particle basis and is based on the principle that mixing smaller amounts of liquid and dry ingredients together at one time is easier and more efficient. When used with a continuous mixer, Hydrobond Technology accelerates the process, allowing for the use of a shorter mixer that may lead to a smaller footprint, lower equipment costs and lower energy costs, according to Robesonia-based Exact Mixing.
Hydrobond Technology may be used with a pre-hydration system to mix particles of flour, minors and water directly into a brew holding tank. The technology may be retrofitted to existing systems.