Americans love sugar. That hardly separates us from the rest of the world, yet it has such an important effect on many aspects of our lives. From economical to health, sugar impacts us greatly.

Just as different regions of the country specialize in other food groups, they also take pride in their unique desserts. CNN recently took a virtual tour through five different cities with regional desserts that require an visit at some point.

1) St. Louis – Gooey butter cake

In 1930s St. Louis, a local baker messed up the ingredients and proportions for a more traditional cake and decided the end result was still worth gobbling up, thus resulting in a new creation.

2) Nashville – Banana pudding

Fulton, Kentucky was a major railroad hub for bananas to be shipped, leading it to be known at one time as the “Banana Capital of the World.” This led to the fruit becoming incredibly popular in Nashville, which is only two and a half hours away, and banana pudding is its signature dessert.

3) Seattle – Wild huckleberry slump

Huckleberries are found in the northwest, making them a strong candidate for inclusion in desserts. Slump, similar to a crisp or cobbler, features softer dough and is often paired with ice cream.

4) Houston – Tres leches cake

A Hispanic favorite that made its way across the border, this cake is made with three milks (hence “tres leches”): heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk.

5) New Orleans – Bread pudding souffle

This Creole classic is a French spinoff that originated as a meal for the poor, initially consisting of eggs, milk, and a leftover loaf. Over time, it has become a treat for all that involves French bread, cinnamon, nutmeg, and egg whites, with warm whiskey cream on top.