Awhile back, we told you about coffee lemonade, a beverage that had its origins in NYC. Now, a new trend is making the rounds out of that area, as Eater reports. It’s called banana milk coffee, and while coffee lemonade was more geared towards the summer, this drink will be the cool new drink of the fall.

J+B Design & Café in Brooklyn has introduced this slightly sweet beverage that has the look of an iced coffee, but tastes deliciously fruity and has potassium for extra health benefits.

This cold brew coffee is blended with banana, milk, and a little syrup. The banana is blended completely until smooth, then added with the milk and syrup and poured over a cold brew. This has become a popular indulgent treat because of its unique taste and the added nutrition that many coffee drinks just don’t have.

J+B manager Fumio Tashiro says that the drink has been on the menu for over a year now, but it just recently boomed in popularity. He believes that it was just too strange for people at first, but now that word has spread it has caught on with the coffee-lover community.

People are searching for the next big fall flavor to replace pumpkin spice. Will this be it? It is too soon to tell, but if more shops catch on and follow J+B’s lead, this drink experiment could turn into the norm elsewhere.