Uncle Mike’s Bake Shoppe in De Pere, Wisconsin has taken a creative approach to this year’s presidential election when it comes to its baked goods.

The bakery has begun selling sugar cookies that feature the faces of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Republican and Democrat presidential nominees in the upcoming election.

Uncle Mike’s has been doing this for every presidential election, but it began selling these cookies earlier this year due to how newsworthy this election has been already.

“There’s excitement in the air with both candidates. It seems like there’s a lot more bantering with other people,” says owner Mike Vande Walle.



“It creates a fun thing with the election. Hopefully people have fun taking them into the office. Some who like the candidates put [the cookies] on other’s desks to tease them. It’s fun back and forth.”

According to Mike Vande Walle, the Trump cookie design has sold more than the Clinton cookie design so far.