Mimis Cafe Birthday Crepe Cake
Mimi's, a Dallas-based neighborhood cafe offering American-French comfort food, is putting a modern-day spin on the Valentine's Day sentiment, offering guests who propose at Mimi's on Valentine's Day a free slice of Birthday Crêpe Cake.

The cake features more than 15 layers of French crêpes, vanilla cake and sweet cream. In addition, sweethearts who express their love on Mimi's Facebook page leading up to the holiday will receive an offer for a free entrée with purchase.

"Love is in the air at Mimi's and also online," said Stewart Slocum, Mimi's chief marketing officer. "Our cafes make for the perfect setting for dates and proposals. We also embrace the opportunity to provide a free entrée offer to those who share their love on Mimi's Facebook page leading into the lovers' holiday."