To coincide with the international selections of the Louis Lesaffre Cup, Lesaffre created a completely new competition dedicated to young bakers: the Young Bakery Hopefuls. On February 5, 2016, as the Europain show in Paris, France, opens, the world final will take place, in the Cube, between the five winners.

Selected and trained by the national teams who came to compete in the 4th edition of the Louis Lesaffre Cup, 35 apprentice bakers from around the world have been able to take part in a friendly challenge to demonstrate their talent. Now, there are five Young Bakery Hopefuls, who have been kept in the competition to take part in the 2016 world final, which will take place during the international Europain-Intersuc show, in the “Le Cube” zone.

The five finalists are Florian Raymond of Mauritius, Elien De Herdt of Canada, Raquel Lopez Van Beek of Spain, Rianne Kuintjes of The Netherlands, and John Reminis of Australia.

The scoring criteria will enable the Young Hopeful’s creative potential to be evaluated. The first key step in building a vision of baking’s future and generating a new approach to their profession. At the end of this final, a jury of professionals will appoint the 2016 World Young Bakery Hopeful.

To evaluate the creations from the Young Bakery Hopefuls, the competition is endowed with an international jury drawn from two domains of expertise: technical bread making expertise and culinary expertise. The jury consists of Pierre Zimmermann of France, Mickael Jahan of England, Benny Swinnen of Belgium, Hubert Maetz of France, and Nicolas Rieffel of France.