Europain & Intersuc,  the global bakery and pastry trade show set for Feb. 5-9 in Paris, France, will feature 140 new workshops and conferences and three major contests. The 2016 edition of Europain & Intersuc once more sets the bar very high to welcome the 80,000 professional visitors who are expected to attend the show.

The world’s meeting point for the bakery, pastry, ice-cream, chocolate, and confectionery trades will present the largest and most innovating offering in terms of equipment, raw materials, products and services to French and international professionals, artisans and industry players.

Over five days, bakers and chefs will take turns to come and share their experience, present concrete solutions in terms of products, techniques, equipment and creativity. They will also provide answers to some of the challenges faced by the visitors (how to increase sales, manage the return on investment, positioning, etc.)

Thirty live demonstrations will be staged in the Baker’s Restaurant, including:

• ‘Gluten-free snacking: Proposing gluten-free products to eat on the go’ or ‘Recycling unsold products’, will be some of the themes addressed by the INBP

• ‘Breads from around the World’ by Lesaffre

• ‘Opt for snacking and develop your ranges of sweet and savoury products!’ by Elle & Vire Professionnel

• ‘Breads of the World, snacking style’ (2 breads will be created each day) by France Snacking

• ‘Snacking tomorrow: renewing one’s offering to adapt to new eating habits’, by Bruno Dinel, Au pain de mon grand-père.

In addition, large open plan development kitchen will gather the professional associations, institutions, and artisans to share, exchange, demonstrate and pass on their savoir-faire in the pastry, chocolate-making, confectionery and ice-cream trades, and also to illustrate the latest techniques and consumer trends.

• ‘Off-the-wall pastry! Disintegration, explosion, the dark side of pastry force’, by Laurent Favre- Mot

• ‘Making gluten-free biscuits’, by the INBP & Xavier Sterke

• ‘Conference on ice-cream technology: Go for ice-cream and sorbets!’ by Jean-Claude DAVID, President of the Confédération Nationale des Glaciers de France

• ‘When 3D printing meets chocolate!’ by wiShape! and the Confédération des Chocolate-makers et Confiseurs de France

• Also: The Festival of Creativity - Sweet edition, by the magazine LE CHEF

For the first time, the magazine LE CHEF will hold the Pastry version of the Festival of Creativity. Fifteen young French pastry chefs will prepare their most creative recipes in front of the audience and will comment on their sources of inspiration, techniques and savoir-faire as part of a debate with a top pastry chef.