Let's cut to the chase, pumpkin pie will continue to reign supreme this Thanksgiving. Nearly two in five (37%) American adults have said it's their clear favorite, according to Delta Dental Plans Association's 1st Annual Thanksgiving Pie Ranking. 

The second and third pies are, putting it mildly, distant: apple pie at 16% and pecan at 14%. But more surprisingly, some of the pies that always seem to get a spot in the Thanksgiving desert line-up may just stand a higher chance of joining the rest of the leftovers. Scraping the bottom of the favorability barrel are lemon meringue (4%), blueberry (4%) and strawberry (2%).

While the findings hold pretty steady across all age groups, region and even gender can play a big role in pie preference:

More women than men (40% vs. 33%) prefer pumpkin pie, while men show more of an interest in cherry pie (7% vs. 3%).

More than two in five (43%) Westerners and Midwesterners admit they'd choose pumpkin pie if they had to select one, compared to 31 percent of their neighbors in other regions.

Southerners are three times (18%) as likely to choose sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving as those in other regions (6%). Northerners are more likely to choose apple pie than those residing in other areas (25% vs. 14%).