The owner of a popular Central Iowa retail bakery and dessert lounge is gearing up to take her brand to the next level. Crème owner Christina Moffatt has partnered with former Jimmy John's CEO Gregg Majewski to scale the concept. 

Majewski said, "I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a fun and exciting new brand in the restaurant world.  Crème fits an untapped market in the industry by offering award winning baked goods throughout the day and providing high-quality gourmet dessert and cocktails to an after-dinner crowd.  When the wholesale opportunities are added to the business model, it becomes a truly unique concept." 

Christina Moffatt will serve as the company's CEO. Gregg Majewski will become a board member and act as Chief of Franchise Operations. Crème Franchise, Inc. will be a female-owned business with corporate headquarters in Des Moines, IA.

Crème Franchise, Inc. is seeking up to $1.5 million in capital from accredited investors. Moffatt believes this is a great chance to demonstrate to the Des Moines investment and entrepreneurial community that raising capital via the JOBS Act is an attainable option since the national ban on general solicitation was lifted in October of 2013.  Previously, accredited investors had no way to learn about such opportunities. This law change marks a major evolution for entrepreneurs looking to engage the capital markets.

The $1.5 million will be used for general working capital purposes and to open at least one new company-owned store in a nearby market. Omaha, NE and Iowa City, IA are among the cities Crème leaders are currently eyeing.  This Fall, Crème Franchise, Inc. will begin selling franchised units to established franchise operators and restaurant groups in second tier markets with a goal of growing from the Mid-West out. Early target markets include Minneapolis, MN; Kansas City, MO; Madison, WI; Omaha, NE; and Chicagoland suburbs.

"When I started Crème, I recognized the company's growth and opportunity would be limited if the business relied solely on me. Over the past two years, my staff has proven that it doesn't," says Christina. "Our team of managers, bakers, sales associates, servers and event coordinators strive to deliver great customer experiences every day. Now culinary entrepreneurs across the globe can offer a similar experience to people in their community with a Crème franchised location."

Crème started as a wholesale and custom bakery in July of 2010. Christina Moffatt opened her retail and dessert bar at 28th & Ingersoll Avenue in August of 2012.  Moffatt attributes her success to product diversification and ingenuity with the bakery/dessert lounge concept. The brand offers cupcakes, plated desserts and creative cocktails combined with a custom cake and wholesale business.

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