As food production continues to grow as a global enterprise, global food manufacturers must increasingly strive to educate themselves on the ever-shifting regulatory landscape of food labeling. Every region has its own particular regulations, while industry regulators continue to tighten up their own product labeling regulations in order to stay up to date with the latest consumer demands.

With the release of an overhaul to the BRC Issue 7 Food Safety guidelines, as well as further changes on the horizon for the EU and US, Mettler Toledo has compiled all the latest regulations from the United States, China, European Union, and BRC and created an easy-to-understand guide, “Understanding Food Regulations” that goes through each set of regulations in detail, giving manufacturers a handy reference tool. The white paper also forecasts developments on the horizon and makes a recommendation as to the best way to ensure compliance with labeling regulations moving forward.

This white paper release is part of a larger initiative by Mettler Toledo to better educate manufacturers about the importance of label inspection using vision inspection technology for comprehensive control over the labeling process. Vision inspection provides an extra layer of protection for manufacturers against product recalls caused by mislabeled products, detecting products with incorrect or missing information and removing them from the line before they become a larger risk to the manufacturer's brand.

Manufacturers will also discover vision inspection reduces operator error by creating increased accountability within the organization. Operator logs track the use of the system and let managers know with certainty who was on duty and when, tight administrative controls ensure that only authorized personnel can change inspection settings, and the system provides audit reports which show where problems are occurring on the production line.