FDA food labeling requirements are many and detailed, and it's easy to make costly mistakes. Make certain you and your employees have all the necessary information at hand to label your food products properly. AIB International in Manhattan, KC, will conduct a Labeling of FDA Regulated Food Products seminar, held September 22-23 in Chicago, IL.

This course emphasizes the basics of labeling. It is excellent for employees with minimal exposure to food labeling regulations or as a refresher for more experienced professionals seeking the latest regulatory changes.

After this Seminar You'll Know:

How to display principal display panels (PDP), information panels (IP), statement of identity for product naming, package quantity of contents statements, and business contact information.

What to include in the ingredient declaration and allergen disclosure.

How retail food packages are different than those for restaurants, institutions, and other food service industries.

When country of origin labeling is required, what types of whole grain statements can be made, and whether a product can be labeled as "natural", "gluten free", or "organic".

What information to include in the nutrition facts panel, how it is declared, when different formats can be used, and what products are exempt from nutrition labeling.

The difference between nutrient content claims and health claims. 

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