Island Ware introduces the new Half Sheet Pan for bakers. “Just couldn’t be happier with our results to date,” said Eric Harding with, which has brought this patent pending baking pan to the US market on Amazon.

“An 89 year continuous family history of manufacturing quality products here only in the USA was under scrutiny – and this pan had to be a good one,” said Harding, founder of, the builders of Island Ware.

The results are impressive with 98% of all reviewers so far describing their use of the baking sheet a 5-star experience. One 4.5 star reviewer had the following to say: “When Island Ware says they make one tough pan, they are not kidding”.

Amazon bannered this 12 gauge, natural aluminum finish baking sheet after only six days of sales as the #1 New Release in Baking & Cookie Sheets. What makes this pan so special? It is between 11 to 216% thicker than other competitive commercial grade baking pans yielding up to 15% faster baking times (as tested independently in a commercial oven), less energy usage and more uniform and consistent baked goods.

Further, it has a sanitary bead edge for easier and faster cleanup – food, oils and bacteria cannot be trapped in the rim as with typical closed bead designed pans. How did craft this novel design? They incorporated an over-sized sanitary bead (which is more like a handle), specific radii for extra strength with much thicker pure American 3000 series aluminum which all panned out to provide incredible baker friendly innovations. So many in fact, it was worthy of initiating a patent for the half sheet pan.

The choice of higher quality pure American aluminum also yields a pan that is easier to clean-up. Here’s what Chef Keith Snow had to say about the half sheet in his review on Amazon: “The Island Ware half sheet pan has a very nice shiny finish. I've been surprised by how easily burnt on foods such as oil, residue from fish, roasted vegetables etc. come clean. While other sheet pans require metal scrubbers to clean, especially in hard to reach corners, I find after a short soak the Island Ware half sheet pan cleans with a simple sponge and soapy water.”