Europain & Intersuc is introducing many changes in view of the 2016 show in Paris, France. The international event for bakery, pastry, ice-cream making, chocolate-making and confectionery promises a trade show that has been largely restructured and enriched, is tuned in to the market and its different sectors and in line with the business tempo.

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In order to better satisfy the needs of both exhibitors and visitors, the dates for the event have been changed: It will be held from Friday, February 5 to Tuesday, February 9, 2016. More than ever, in 2016 the trade exhibition will present French and international professionals in the bakery-pastry industry with the most exhaustive and innovative offering in terms of equipment, raw materials, products, and services.

Redesigned around four main sectors, the event will encompass the whole industry: the Bakery sector will feature an area dedicated to bakery catering, Intersuc will address all the sweet trades (pastry, ice-cream making, chocolate making, confectionery), and the Rue des Ecoles (Catering Schools Avenue) will be set up in an ideal location in between Intersuc and the Bakery sector. As for the Industry Equipment area, it will welcome all players in industrial baking. Each sector will propose specific animations designed to facilitate exchanges and sharing of ideas among professionals.

The 2016 edition of Europain & Intersuc will be packed with innovations! The trade exhibition will upgrade its facilities and animations to keep abreast with evolutions in the different branches and trades, and also to satisfy the exhibitors’ and visitors’ expectations.

From the baking oven to the shop: from raw products to equipment and shop design, master bakers (artisans) will find the most exhaustive and innovative offering. This sector will include an area dedicated to bakery catering which enables bakers to broaden their offering and develop their sales turnover.

Europain 2016 is keen to present professionals with the best solutions for their projects concerning seated and take-away catering.

As for animations, the Lab du Boulanger/Baker’s Lab will introduce concrete solutions concerning the practices, equipment and future perspectives for the sector.

The Baker’s Restaurant will host innovative demonstrations and masterclass events animated by the exhibitors or the partners, all designed to let the professional visitors stock up on sweet and savory ideas and suggestions.

The Cube is a 4000 sqm area dedicated to contests and demonstrations. It will host major international competitions, including the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, the International Confectionery Art Competition, and for the first time the French Schools’ Cup.

For the first time, Intersuc will bring together in a same area all the suppliers of the different trades: pastry, chocolate-making, confectionery and ice-cream making, around the stands of the professional associations who are key players in the sector.

Professionals from the different trades will find plenty of new ideas at the Intersuc Lab and will also have the opportunity to discover the latest techniques and trends in their field.

The Senses & Chocolate festival will be set up at the heart of Intersuc. Visitors will be able to enhance their knowledge concerning different qualities of cocoa and chocolates, and help will be available to assist them with their choices.

Equipment for the industry

The Industry Equipment area, dedicated to players in the industrial bakery-pastry sector, will host the Conferences Café proposing roundtables and debates addressing current themes of particular relevance to the sector. Exhibitors and partners alike will take part in these events in a friendly atmosphere.

Rue des écoles – Catering School Avenue

New in 2016! This sector covers all aspects of the trade and will present the best establishments offering training in bakery-pastry-confectionery-and ice-cream making. It will be set up in an area ideally situated in between the Intersuc and Bakery areas.


804 exhibitors and brands

• 68,000 sqm surface area

• 77,000 professional visitors

• 138 countries represented