DuPont Nutrition & Health has launched a new platform to reinforce the strength of the company’s offering to customers and the food industry. Titled “It’s What’s Inside,” the positioning cites all of the key attributes that make DuPont a global leader in specialty food ingredients and food protection, with a foundation in the strength of its people – nutrition and food scientists, consumer and market insight experts, global marketers and sustainability leaders, in addition to its broad product portfolio.

“We are more than 7,000 people in over 40 countries all working to help our customers make what we eat and drink safer, more nutritious and more affordable,” said Ruth Farrell, global business communications leader, DuPont Nutrition & Health. “This new positioning allows us to promote our full offering – it is not just the physical ingredients that make the difference; it is a combination of all the intangible ones working together. Every day, there are 150,000 more people in the world. Our objective is to help our customers provide the foods, beverages and supplements that consumers are seeking to give them the nutrition, taste and energy they need.”

The primary goal of the new positioning is to increase awareness of DuPont Nutrition & Health as a leader in the food ingredients industry so key stakeholders readily understand its role in the food space and how its collective capabilities deliver unmatched value for customers.

The positioning will be used to promote DuPont Nutrition & Health across all communications platforms, including advertising, public relations, collateral materials, at trade shows, and in traditional and online media.