Capango, a mobile-first retail job matching platform that connects job seekers to rewarding opportunities without resumes, recently announced the launch of its flagship product under the same name. Developed by the team behind Natural Insight, Capango looks to connect retail talent with great jobs. It focuses on a job seeker’s unique interests, talents, and abilities to transform the job seeking experience.

“Having been in the retail industry for more than 30 years, one of the biggest challenges we’ve seen retailers struggle with is the ability to find and retain qualified retail talent,” says Stefan Midford, president and CEO of Capango and Natural Insight. “Everyone is still playing by the same playbook and using traditional resumes and job boards to vet candidates. We felt that this is a badly outdated model and have spent the past two years developing Capango to not only meet the needs of today’s mobile workforce, but to also connect them with jobs that they love.”

Capango benefits both job seeker and employers. With an easy-to-use, free mobile app, Capango reduces the time it takes to find the ideal retail job. Job seekers avoid redundant questions and are matched with opportunities based on skills, abilities, preferences, and interests. They can upload a quick 60-second video instead of a traditional resume, and once matched to opportunities they can simply swipe right to express interest.

Capango enables employers to find a more qualified and engaged workforce which helps to reduce employee turnover and increase sales. Its matching algorithm allows employers to immediately access qualified job seekers, with the best candidates scored and located right on top. Easily-viewed profiles, personalized video intros, and in-app chat gives employers better hiring capabilities.