Rooted in Sandy Solmon's, founder and CEO of Sweet Street Desserts, principles that luscious and craveable foods have no bounds, the company has once again reinvented itself with a new line of innovative desserts dubbed Bandes.  Handcrafted elegance in a simple, contemporary format, Bandes by Sweet Street offer an excitingly versatile canvas to inspire your chef-d'oeuvre and your guests an unfolding indulgent experience to be treasured.

Aptly named "Bande of Beauties", this new line of desserts is complete with seven passionately perfected flavor profiles. Each low-profile cake is paired with textural delights from roasted hazelnuts to house-made toasted candied coconut and smooth waves of vanilla bean mousselines to creamy milk chocolate frostings.

"Today, customers are explorers looking for new flavor combinations while cherishing the traditional," says Sandy Solmon. "We have layered excitingly unexpected bold and contemporary flavors from strawberry vanilla bean accented with savory basil to rich blackberry Greek yogurt complemented with California Cabernet." Looking for a fresh take on chocolate nostalgia? The Peruvian Swirl Cacao Bande is a moist, dark chocolate cake and crisp milk chocolate feuilletine crunch crowned with deeply flavored chocolate mousse made from single-origin Peruvian chocolate, sustainably grown. Finished with a white chocolate swirl, it is truly crafted for chocolate-lovers and purists alike.  

Uniquely crafted to inspire creativity and wildly versatile to meet any price point and exceed all expectations, Bandes can be dressed up as a signature dessert reflective of your restaurant or plated as-is for a chic, distinctive indulgence to be enjoyed throughout the day. The adaptable format and wide variety of cutting options give restaurateurs the flexibility to slice each Bande to perfection, offering an array of options for any occasion throughout their operation.

From single-origin sustainable chocolates to locally sourced, hormone-free dairy and creams, Sweet Street only selects the freshest ingredients for the best flavors. The company does not use high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors and has chosen only all-creamery butter for these desserts.