Pennsylvania-based dessert company Sweet Street Desserts has been the premier innovator of gourmet desserts in the restaurant industry for over 3 decades. Sweet Street goes to great lengths to create supremely satisfying dessert experiences unparalleled in the dessert category. Now they are going beyond the bakery to deliver an unmatched on-line experience for consumers on their newly launched website,

Rated #1 in taste and appearance by the restaurant industry, Sweet Street is dedicated to making luscious desserts with intriguing full flavors. They travel the world to hand-select the ultimate in fresh, high quality ingredients such as Meyer lemons, Greek thyme honey, salted caramel and hormone-free milks. Their pursuit of making the world a sweeter place to be was the driving force behind their extensive website overhaul, completed in April 2013.

"Desserts open doors, hearts and conversation," says Sandy Solmon, Founder and CEO of Sweet Street. In this spirit, Sweet Streets' enhanced ecommerce experience was designed to make finding and sharing high-quality gourmet desserts easier than ever before. Upon visiting, their award-winning indulgences are in the forefront. Larger than life imagery allows you to peer into each morsel, as if your nose was pressed tightly on a display case at your favorite bakery.

The SHOP portion of the Sweet Street site,, employs clearly displayed product categories and advanced search functionality making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for or to window-shop for a new favorite indulgence. Integration with social media channels and click-to-chat features provides for real-time collaboration, interaction and information. In addition, the ability to upload an address book paired with shopping by Occasion, Mother's Day, Birthdays and Graduations to name a few, makes sending an indulgence effortless.

Enjoying a Sweet Street Dessert has flourished into a sign of discerning taste. Igniting the senses and evoking memories, these desserts are at the center of life's cherished celebrations. Whether you are helping your business make a unique and lasting impression or turning a personal event into an occasion, Sweet Street Desserts will always complete the moment. Specific questions can be directed to Jennifer Matten at 610-921-8113 or