Nu-Tek Food Science announces the launch of its new website for food manufacturer and foodservice operators. The new site,, directs food industry professionals to a wealth of information on achieving sodium reduction at unprecedented levels using Nu-Tek Food Science’s products and expertise.

Users of the new site will find information on the company’s line of sodium-reduction products, technical information and a host of resources for food manufacturers and foodservice companies, including up-to-date postings on sodium-reduction topics in the news. The new site features Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride?, the company’s revolutionary sodium-reduction product. This product uses a unique single-crystal technology to achieve the taste of salt without the unpleasant off-flavor found in most potassium chloride-based salt alternatives. Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride has helped food manufacturers reduce the amount of sodium by up to 50 percent in categories such as, deli meats and cheeses, baked goods and snacks, and prepared meals and sauces, which have historically had high sodium levels.

The new Nu-Tek Food Science website launches amid continuing health concerns over the global sodium consumption epidemic, as heralded by The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Nationally, healthcare costs for treating hypertension and heart disease-related conditions are estimated at approximately $131 billion annually.

The new website also directs consumers, retailers and restaurants to information about Salt For Life™ Sea Salt Blend—Nu-Tek Food Science’s new consumer-branded product that has the taste of sea salt with 70 percent less sodium than table salt. Visitors will find nutritional data on Salt for Life Sea Salt Blend, recipes, a food blog, promotions and coupons, as well as information for retailers and foodservice operators. It also contains important facts on the need for reducing our dietary sodium, detailing the impact of sodium overconsumption on the public health.

“We view our new Web presence as a valuable tool to engage and communicate with our food industry customers and consumer audience, as well as showcase our revolutionary technology that is shifting the paradigm in sodium reduction,” commented Don Mower, Nu-Tek Food Science’s president and COO. “It’s because of our patented technology that we’re able to provide a cost-effective solution that delivers unprecedented sodium-reduction levels with great taste and functionality in recipes and formulations.”

Nu-Tek Food Science, a food ingredient company headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, is wholly dedicated to worldwide sodium reduction for healthier foods. A leader in the science of sodium reduction, the company has partnered with some of the world’s largest food manufacturers to help them achieve their sodium-reduction goals.