Setton Pistachio—the nation’s second largest pistachio processor and maker of Pistachio Chewy Bites based in California’s Central Valley—announced its new partnership with renowned Stafford’s Famous Chocolates. Located in California’s Central Valley, both family-owned and operated companies share a strong commitment to making only the highest quality products.

The two brands have teamed up to create a gourmet pistachio gift box that will feature four distinctive varieties of chocolate including: Pistachio Caramels with Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Pistachio Tuffles, Pistachio Clusters, and Pistachio Caramels.

“We’re really excited about this partnership and the innovative confections that have resulted from it,” said COO Mia Cohen. “This allows people to enjoy Setton Farms California pistachios in a new way and it allows us to extend the benefits of our products to a new customer base.”

The new Stafford’s Famous Chocolates gourmet pistachio gift box will debut at the Fresno Food Expo on Thursday, July 24th, where attendees can sample the new creations.  Like Setton Farms, Stafford’s Famous Chocolates believes in the power of natural, quality ingredients.

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