Gary Skrdlant, AIB International’s Vice President of Finance and Administration, will retire from his role after more than three decades with the company. Most notably, Skrdlant was instrumental in expanding AIB’s reach to the UK, Mexico, and China.

“Gary has been an invaluable member of the AIB executive team for many years,” said Andre Biane, President and CEO of AIB International. “After 32 years of loyal and dedicated service to AIB we are all going to miss his leadership, particularly on the international stage.”

Since joining AIB International in November 1982, Skrdlant has held multiple finance related positions, including 19 years as AIB’s Controller. He was a key player in establishing AIB’s regional offices in Leatherhead, United Kingdom; Shanghai, China; and Querétaro, Mexico. Most recently he spearheaded negotiations with SSADC in China, resulting in the joint venture, and established AIBI Certification Services, a wholly owned subsidiary that is the certification body for AIB’s GFSI auditing capabilities. He also led the creation of AIB International, Inc. when it spun off of the non-profit AIB in 1996.

“Without Gary’s attention to detail and deep knowledge of the financial and legal processes involved in doing business internationally, AIB International wouldn’t be serving the 126 countries it does today,” Biane said.

Skrdlant is also credited with developing the finance department into a solid base from which AIB International can continue to grow. He also established AIB’s information and technology operations.

“Gary has had a good eye for spotting talent with new hires over the past few years,” Biane said. “That has really improved our finance, accounting, facilities, IT, and people process functions.”

As Vice President of Finance and Administration, Skrdlant has also been one of only two executive officers to serve AIB International’s Board of Trustees and the BISSC Board of Directors.  He also served as President and CEO of AIBI Certification Services.

Skrdlant holds bachelor’s degrees in biology, accounting, and finance, and a master’s degree in business administration, all from Kansas State University. Skrdlant is also a certified public accountant, in addition to serving as a member of the Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Council for International Tax Education. He has also been an active member of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce and the Manhattan Lions Club.

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