Fuduzu combines front of house point-of-sale (POS) transactions with kitchen management, inventory, scheduling, reports, and advertising, and places it in the palm of the food retailer’s hand. The result is an elevated customer experience and increased efficiency, profitability, security and mobility for restaurants and food retailers.

Fuduzu expands upon the industry trend of tablet-based digital menus by allowing guests to order from the tablet and fully customize each item, at their convenience, without having to wait for their server. Co-owner Shane Caniglia states, “Fuduzu puts the customer in the driver’s seat to get exactly what they want, when they want it.”

It doesn’t stop here. After the customer engages, Fuduzu seamlessly transmits the orders to the kitchen or bartender, adjusts inventory, markets to the customer and tracks the orders while recording sales and fulfilling bookkeeping duties. “Imagine overseeing your food and beverage business with real-time data from anywhere. Imagine the freedom and peace of mind of having all the important data at your fingertips at all times. It creates time and money for you,” states Caniglia.

Through strategic design and customer specific workshops, Fuduzu’s state-of-the-art technology integration has been created to optimize the work force and streamline restaurant workflow. It can run on any device, and is both scalable and modular to meet the needs of any establishment.

Fuduzu launched at Krayvings, which opened in Las Vegas on Thursday, March 20, and has helped position this new restaurant chain for tremendous success. Krayvings owner Steve Zappacosta says, “Fuduzu's interactive approach to ordering is a perfect match to our technology integrated lives. The proof is in our guests’ satisfaction and sales.”

Penn Arthur, CEO of Inhance Digital adds, “It won’t take long for restaurant goers to begin to expect the seamless experience Fuduzu’s integrated system creates, along with the ease of ordering in their own time from an informative and intuitive tablet-based menu.”

Fuduzu is the result of the union of two companies; Inhance Digital, a state of the art interactive technology company who works with some of the most innovative clients in the world and Plush, a leading creative agency who works with the largest brands and suppliers in the food and beverage industry. Fuduzu has created a revolutionary system that significantly elevates the customer experience, maximizes efficiency and increases revenue potential.

To learn more, go to www.fuduzu.com.