The artisanal bakers at Donsuemor are proud to announce the release of two new products to the company’s esteemed line of high-end baked goods: the Nonnette and Petit Gateau. The tempting new treats debut May 20-22 at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. 

The Nonnette is a classic French treat that is small in size but packs a punch of flavor. Each sweet Nonnette is a bite-sized indulgence featuring a hint of Meyer lemon essence that makes it difficult to eat just one. The Nonnette’s delicate texture and handcrafted quality combine to create an indescribable sense of comfort that are a testament to Donsuemor’s uncompromising commitment to excellence. The Nonnettes are available for pre-order now in an elegant three-pack tray.

The Petit Gateau, or “little cake” as translated from French, is just that; a delicate, bite-sized cake that’s ideal as an after-dinner treat or even a mid-morning indulgence. Donsuemor adds extra delight to the Petite Gateau with a touch of orange for a surprising pop of flavor. Find the L’Orange Petite Gateau in two-packs that are perfect for sharing, also available now for pre-order.

“We are absolutely thrilled to add these delicious new treats to the Donsuemor family of products,” said Susan Davis, CEO of the California-based bakery. “The Nonnette and the Petit Gateau perfectly exemplify our commitment to creating something extraordinary that brings delight to everyday life.”

The company that introduced the original Madeleine to the United States invites dessert lovers to experience the delight that Donsuemor bakers bring to the table with these two new additions.

For more information on the Nonnette and Petit Gateau, visit Donsuemor at the Sweets and Snacks Expo or logon to