Blueberries as inclusions are ubiquitous these days: in everything from blueberry pizza, blueberry yogurt, blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, to blueberry smoothies, blueberry ice cream, blueberry confections, blueberry beverages… blueberry everything! Food processors use real blueberries in a range of products from baked goods, fillings and toppings, to sauces, smoothies, frozen novelties, cereals and healthy snacks.

Specific examples of how product designers are meeting demand in their products include blueberries in dessert sauces, as topping for creme brulees, in cakes laced with blueberries.  In fact, fruit is used to garnish indulgent treats as a way to grant permission to the reluctant; desserts can be exonerated via blueberries! Fruit-based smoothie-cakes take advantage of blueberries in the form of purees and concentrates as do so-called “nutritious” cakes using pureed blueberries. 

Chocolate makers have gotten on the antioxidant bandwagon, touting good health as another plus for their food of the gods; but the addition of blueberries makes chocolate even more holier than thou in chocolate port sauces with blueberries, chocolate- covered blueberries and rich chocolate desserts. Blueberries and dark chocolate co-star in dairy from yogurts and ice creams to sorbets, gelatos and cheesecakes. Blueberries provide an acidic note that adds the perfect accent to rich desserts, chocolate and otherwise. The blueberry image is used to imbue products with a virtuous and planet-friendly aura. 

The “Breakfast-as-dessert” trend explores the clafoutis/pancake/waffle realm, bringing blueberries together with herb-steeped syrups and the inviting crunch of roasted nuts; blueberries give such indulgences  a comfort-food permit. 

Americans are interested in the health benefits of food, with fruits and vegetables at the top of the list. According to Fresh Takes on Fruit: Culinary Trend Mapping Report, a joint publication of CCD Innovation and market research publisher Packaged Facts. "Fruit is and will continue to be omnipresent. Fruit plays a role in every daypart from breakfast to late-night snacks. Fruits go from the produce aisles to the snack shelf and freezer case. It is transformed into beverages, condiments and baked goods of all kinds. They also appeal to all ages and demographics."